Centrifugal vs. vane-axial fans

The choice of forward-curved centrifugal or backward-inclined centrifugal or airfoil centrifugal fans versus vane-axial fans will affect the energy efficiency. Standard centrifugal fan systems are typically very inefficient (50 percent to 60 percent), and their actual installed efficiency is usually much worse than the manufacturer's ratings. Efficiencies as low as 30 to 40 percent have been measured in the field. It is recommended that high-efficiency (80 percent to 90 percent) axial airfoil fans be considered with direct drive and static regain devices. However, flexibility of adjustments will be compromised. [Naughton, "HVAC Systems… Part 1," 1990; Micro-Electronics Facility Efficiency Workshop, 1995]

Centrifugal vs. Vane-Axial Fan Performance

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