Heat wheel operation

Diblasio (1995) describes the use of a heat wheel in a research facility in Maryland:

In hot weather, the bottom of each desiccant-coated wheel adsorbs humidity and heat from the outdoor air. Cooler, drier air leaves the other side of the wheel, and passes through chilled-water coils before being circulated throughout the building. Exhaust air is drawn from the many laboratory areas, lab hoods, and biocontainment cabinets throughout the facility. Before leaving the building, this air picks up heat and humidity from the top part of the rotating wheel. In colder weather, the process is reversed. Cold, dry air enters the building and passes through the wheels, picking up heat and moisture recovered from the exhaust air. Then the pre-heated, pre-humidified air passes through hot water coils, and—if necessary—is further humidified. The heated and humidified air is circulated to occupied areas of the building.

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