User Guide Contents -16-

Exporting Projects and File Sharing

The Design Intent Tool provides the option for users to export a particular project file into a single database file, which can be shared with other users. To export a project file, click on the Manage Projects button, then click on the option to Export a project. After selecting which project to export, click the OK button. A new Access database file containing only the exported project will be created in the C:\Program Files\LBNL\DIT\Export directory. This new database file will function in much the same manner as the Design Intent Tool but with the following limitations:

1. The Manage Projects screen will only list one option: Open Existing File. The options to Create New Project File, Import/Modify Template Project File, Delete Project File and Export Project File are not supported.
2. The Manage Templates button has been disabled.

While the Design Intent Tool application will contain all project files as well as template project files, the exported database will only contain the exported project file. The exported project file can be emailed to other users and updated sequentially. When the exported database file is shared between users, only one user at a time may update the file before passing it on to another user.

Note: As of Version 1.0, the ability to import an exported project file back into the Design Intent Tool application is currently not supported. In addition, an exported project file may not be imported into another user's Design Intent Tool application. The exported project file is self-contained and sealed in its own database file. The original project file in the Design Intent Tool is still available for modifications and further exports.