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Program and Content Help

Links (red-book icons ) are provided throughout the tool to context-sensitive "Program Help" (how to use the tool). Question-mark icons to the right of Objectives, Strategies, and Metrics imported via the Template Files offer "Content Help" (right) and useful links for more information. The "Help" button on the Navigation Bar links to this page. For additional assistance, the "Feedback" button on the Navigation Bar will generate an email to the Tool developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why bother? What are the benefits of design intent documentation?
A. See "Benefits: Why Document Design Intent?"

Q. How do I get the most current version of the Tool or new Template Files?
A. Download free copies at

Q. Who developed the Design Intent Tool?
A. See Credits

Q. How do I get rid of the paperclip-shaped "Wizard" that automatically pops up when I start Access?
A. Control Panel ==> Add/Remove Programs ==> Microsoft Office 2000 ==> Add/Remove ==> Add or Remove Features ==> Microsoft Access Tree ==> Typical Wizards ==> "Not Available" ==> Additional Wizards ==> "Not Available"- an X should appear ==> Update Now