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Welcome to the Design Intent Tool. The Tool helps building owners, architects, and engineers develop a Design Intent Document (DID) to facilitate record-keeping and ensure that the owner's and designer's up-front vision and goals (with a focus on energy-efficiency, but applicable to any aspect of design) are achieved and periodically verified through performance measurement. The tool is available at no charge via

As the fields of facility design and management mature, there is an increasing understanding that it is necessary but not sufficient to simply specify “good” technologies or design features in order to achieve desired performance. Efforts to do so are often thwarted by the absence of explicit direction from the owner, misunderstandings and different visions among members of the design team, and ambiguities imposed by the lack of measurable performance targets. The lack of clarity created by these problems in turn hampers the post-construction commissioning and measurement & verification processes. A more comprehensive and holistic approach can be described as “Design Intent Documentation”. At the heart of the Design Intent Tool is a framework in which design solutions can be described in terms of Objectives (overall goals), with subordinate Strategies (specific means of achieving the goals), and Metrics (measurable performance targets). The result is an improved likelihood of attaining desired energy savings targets.