User Guide Contents -5-

Tour of the Tool

The following pages offer annotated screen shots of key parts of the Design Intent Tool.

Navigation Bar

  • Introduction, Manage Project Files, Manage Template Files, User Guide, Feedback, Help, Web Home Page – Helpful tools, background info, etc.

Primary Tabs

  • Design Intent Document Tab – Most of the work is done here. This page allows the user to create/edit Design Areas, Objectives, Strategies, and Metrics.
  • Owner’s Goals & Project Info Tab – This tab contains a high-level description of the owner’s goals, criterion for selecting the design team, and various project and building details.
  • Team Contact Info Tab – Names, addresses, email for project team members
  • Reports Tab – This tab allows users to generate six different reports, each composed of a set of information from the Design Intent Document and associated screens. The Data Tracker report (Excel format) can be imported into the Metracker tool ( for more comprehensive analysis.

Detailed Screens

  • Detailed Design Areas, Objectives, and Strategies Records – Pop-up screens are available for providing greater detail.
  • Assessment Records – Provide detailed information about metrics, and a template for recording and verifying measurements to ensure that the target values are attained and maintained.
  • Manage, Export, or Import Projects and Templates – A variety of options for managing Project Files within the Tool.