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The Cool $ense Network is here with the information and tools you need to pull off a successful chiller project. There are many reasons you may be facing chiller work - to get rid of CFC refrigerants in your facility, to add more cooling capacity, or to replace an old, failing chiller. But no matter why you're doing this work, we encourage you to do an integrated chiller retrofit, or ICR.

An integrated chiller retrofit combines building load reductions (like more efficient lighting or a cool roof) and cooling system improvements (like variable speed drives and varible volume air handlers) with a chiller retrofit or replacement. This integrated approach has lots of advantages. Some of these advantages are:

  • greatly increases energy and utility bill savings;
  • fixes building problems and reduces future maintenance;
  • reduces the overall payback period of the project; and 
  • potentially allows for a smaller chiller and even more savings.

  • If you're doing any chiller work and aren't planning an integrated chiller retrofit, you're missing a great opportunity to improve the quality and energy efficiency of your building's systems!

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    This page last updated: July 9, 2001


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