Case Studies

- Applied Materials: Chilled Water Plant Efficiency Upgrade

A chiller variable speed drive (VSD) contributes a large potion of energy savings of $74,000 per year at Applied Materials. While most cleanroom facilities operate plants with multiple chillers, they need only a single VSD on the smallest chiller to realize the full benefits. Given that plants need not be shutdown and that very little equipment must be altered or replaced, VSDs can be cost effective for virtually all cleanroom plants. However, not all existing chillers can be retrofitted with VSDs.
- Genentech: New Energy Efficient Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility
A total of twenty-two separate energy efficiency measures were performed at the Genentech's Vacaville site. These efficiency measures have not inhibited Genentech from complying with strict FDA regulations for pharmaceutical plants. The plant it is expected to operate more reliably with these modifications and had an excellent payback of 1.7 years.
- Hine Design: Variable Speed Drive Control of Recirculation Fans for Class 100 Cleanroom
A firm designed and implemented new control logic at the robotics manufacturing facility of Hine Design in Sunnyvale, California. Two specific controls were retrofitted onto the system serving the class 100 bays to provide the energy saving benefits: Variable speed drives (VSDs) on the FPHs serving the class 100 bays and a custom control system that schedules the speed of the VSDs based upon occupancy patterns. Our measurements show an 82% reduction in fan power.
- Motorola: Cleanroom Declassification from Class 10,000 to Class 100,000
The purpose of this project was to reduce operational costs and energy use by reducing the classification of the cleanroom at the Motorola AIEG facility in Northbrook, Illinois, from class 10,000 to class 100,000. To accomplish this airflow was reduced but the ceiling grid and number of HEPA filters remained the same to allow for future flexibility in the cleanrooms. Measures were also implemented to improve temperature and humidity control to reduce unnecessary dehumidifying when the outside air is already below the cleanroom humidity setpoint.
- Western Digital: Comprehensive Cleanroom Facility Renovation and Cleanliness Upgrade
The renovation of a Western Digital facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, called for an increase in floor area and an increase in the cleanliness requirements for the cleanroom from class 10,000 to class 10. It was expected that the increase in floor area and cleanliness would increase loads substantially. Instead, through innovative design and careful attention to system effects on energy efficiency, the remodeled building used 44% less energy than the original facility. In addition to the efficient components of the design, WD was able to eliminate the use of environmentally harmful CFCs used in the chillers.

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