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  1. High-tech Buildings - Market Transformation Projects. A Final Report, LBNL-49112, to CIEE/PG&E. This final report includes major findings from cleanroom energy benchmarking activities. For benchmarking plans and metrics, click here (General Plan and Metrics).

  2. Anonymous Site Reports
  3. These individual, anonymous site reports summarizes cleanroom energy benchmarking results and efficiency improvement opportunities that were target specifically to the facilities tested. The reports are included in the Final Report, LBNL-49112, and can be downloaded here.

    1. Click Site 1 for Facility 1 (2 cleanrooms)
    2. Click Site 2 (Vol. 1 / Vol. 2) for Facility 2 (2 cleanrooms)
    3. Click Site 3 for Facility 3 (2 cleanrooms)
    4. Click Site 4 for Facility 4 (1 cleanroom)
    5. Click Site 5 for Facility 5 (1 cleanroom)
    6. Click Site 6 for Facility 6 (2 cleanrooms)
    7. Click Site 7 for Facility 7 (4 cleanrooms)

  4. Energy Benchmarking for Fourteen Cleanrooms, LBNL-49220 (In progress, coming soon)

  5. Cleanroom Energy Benchmarking in High-Tech and Biotech Industries, LBNL-47729

  6. Energy Performance of Cleanroom Environmental Systems, LBNL-49106. Published by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) in the ESTECH 2002 Proceedings (48th Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition).

Updated 06 November, 2006