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Cleanroom Energy Benchmark Results

Pacific Gas & Electric Company sponsored a market transformation project to develop information on cleanroom energy use for High-tech customers in their territory. This project was conducted during 2000 and 2001. The focus of this project was to identify and develop the metrics of importance for energy comparisons, and to collect operating energy use data through physical measurements for a sample of cleanroom facilities. This study focused primarily on energy intensive facility systems, although some data on process systems was collected.

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Cleanroom Facility Energy Use Cleanroom Facility Energy Costs

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a) Re-circulation System Efficiency

b) Comparison of Energy Efficiency for Re-circulation Systems

c) Air Change Rates and Cleanroom Air Velocities

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a) Energy Efficiency for Make-up Air Systems

b) Energy Efficiency for Make-up Air Fans (Measured vs. Designed)

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Chiller Efficiency